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The layout of a narrowboat and the selection of  items to include in it will always result in compromise.  Because of the physical constraints of the width of the hull the selection of one item quite often has an effect on other aspects of the design or choice of equipment.  For instance a decision to opt for gas heating will necessitate the use of large gas bottles which have to be stored somewhere.  The use of gas for just coooking purposes allows the use of smaller gas bottles which may make it easier to incorporate them in the design.

Problem:  The full width glazed cratch restricts access to the bow and the water tank.  A  conventional water filler point may result in the water becoming contaminated by dirt around the filler and the hose may come out of the filler neck spraying water everywhere!!
Solution:  Fit a male quick release coupling to a non return valve and the hose which has a stop end fitting on it may be just snapped onto the coupling.  No mess, no contamination and no water spraying about.


Water connector safely located under the gunwale in the foward well deck


Other design features include LED lighting not only because of its much reduced power consumption, but also because LED lights operate at a much lower temperature than conventional tungsten lights.  This reduces the risk of fire and prevents fingers being burnt when adjusting spotlights.  The use of finrads frees up wall space that would otherwise be taken up with conventional radiators.  There are 2 cross beds "The Laughing Cavalier" saving a total of 3 feet of cabin space.  The unique design of the bed in the main cabin allows the bed to be made up in less than a minute.  The raised plinth for the dinette alllows diners to see out of the cabin windows and a further plinth in the bathroom makes for comfortable use of the toilet.  A thermostatic mixing valve in the hot water system ensures that the hot water temperature is kept below scalding.
These are just a few of the design features and improvements that have been incorporated in TLC.  If you wish to discuss any of these then please do not hesitate to contact us

In any galley layout other than one which has a central corridor, there will be a cupboard which has a difficult to get to corner.  In "The Laughing Cavalier's" galley the whole of the cross wise cupboard at the front end of the galley moves sideways across the corridor providing extra work surface, blocking off the corridor so that pets cannot enter the galley, and moving the cupboard space that is normally inacessable into the centre of the boat for easy access.


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